Creating a Calm Environment

Creating a Calm Environment

It’s 2:30am and you feel like you’re the only person in the world awake. It’s been a long night, and the birds are still hours away from singing their morning song. Your baby is fussy, and nothing seems to be helping them settle. Sound familiar?

Whilst an unsettled baby could result from many things, from colic to hunger, creating a calm environment can be key to helping your baby (and you) relax as quickly as possible and catch up on that much needed sleep.

Firstly, try to keep as calm as possible. It may seem easier said than done, but it has been shown that even newborn babies can pick up on maternal stress signals. Furthermore, babies aged 6 months and above can recognise the difference between happy and sad faces and will react accordingly. 

Secondly, during the night, keep the room as dark and as quiet as possible. Pay attention to all sources of light; LED lights from baby monitors, blue light from mobile phones, and hallway light creeping under the door can all stimulate a baby into thinking it’s time to wake up. If you can, try to feed and change your baby within the darkened room, rather than taking him into a different room and turning all the lights on. 

The temperature of the room is also a key consideration. Overall, the cooler the room for the baby, the better the quality of sleep they get. This is because as we sleep, our bodies naturally cool down. The faster your baby’s body temperature falls, the more quickly they’ll fall into a restful slumber. So what’s the perfect temperature? Well, research suggests that an optimal range is between 19 and 21 degrees Celsius. If it’s difficult to achieve specific temperatures in your home, the next best option is to dress your baby in the appropriate number of layers for the room, and there’s plenty of good advice available on how to do this.

Finally, the benefits of white noise and vibration/movement have both been used in tandem for a long time to calm unsettled babies. Combined, they create an environment that mimics that of the womb, helping to bring a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Don’t forget that as soon as your baby is born, they instantly go from a warm, dark environment where they are encased tightly in the womb to one which is cold, noisy and unpredictable. Reminding them of a time that they felt safe and secure is a sure way to help them calm down and settle to sleep.

Combine that with the Suuthe mat, and you're giving yourself and your baby the best chance possible of a long, restful sleep.