“I’ll be with you in one sec, I just need to put the baby to sleep.”

“I’ll be with you in one sec, I just need to put the baby to sleep.”

“I’ll be with you in one sec, I just need to put the baby to sleep.”

An hour later and you’re still walking around the room, singing the same tune over and over again as you slowly drive yourself insane. On the outside you’re a vision of patience and comfort, the goal parent whose sole purpose is to get your baby off to sleep, but on the inside, you feel closer to an enemy agent trapped under a new CIA torture technique. 

Your baby stares up at you with beautiful, innocent eyes as if to say “what am I supposed to do?”, and all you can do is huff, sigh, and continue to aimlessly roam in the vague hope your 123rd lap will do the trick. 

Unfortunately (and trust us, we’ve tried), sending letters and prayers to the sandman doesn’t work. Either he doesn’t exist, or the amount of messages we’ve sent has scared him away.

Sleep isn’t easy, young or old, but why? 

If you were to ask everyone how they were feeling at the end of the day, most people would answer “tired”. Yet, we still lay in bed staring up at the ceiling, minds whirring, thinking about all manner of things from the past or future.

The clock strikes bedtime and our brain doesn’t switch off because that’s not what it’s used to.

 And for babies, it’s no different.

Their young minds want to absorb the world like a sponge, because every new moment is a moment for growth and development. New colours, sounds, shapes, and feelings arise every single day, so every single day becomes incredibly important.

Equally, each day brings new stress and confusion. Not only are they experiencing different things, they have to understand what they are, how they make them feel and why.

This is the reason why babies get so tired, but also, why it can be so difficult to get them off to sleep when you want them to. 

What do we do when we can’t sleep? Most likely, go on our phones, reigniting our brain and waking us back up again.

Fortunately, babies aren’t quite clever enough to work a phone, which is why they cry. Their frustration with tiredness gets the best of them and it all comes out in one big explosion of emotion. We’ve all been there before, babies just go there more often.

But Suuthe can help.

The Suuthe mat comforts and relaxes your baby by mimicking the sounds and feelings of the womb, with calming vibrations, natural sounds, and soft materials. Based on sleep science, expert engineering, and the most important qualification of all, parental experience, we’re as proud of our mat as we are thankful for our extra rest. 

We truly believe we’ve made a best friend for bedtime, and hopefully, you will too.