About Us

Where it all started…

In 2019, our founder Alex, became a parent for the first-time and loved it from day one.

There was just one tiny little problem. Naptime.

It seemed that none of the well-known ways to rest his baby were working, and it was leading to an unhappy household. Baby was tired and found it hard to settle, Mum and Dad were becoming grumpy and irritable and even the dog was craving a bit of peace and quiet!

Having read numerous articles, books, blogs and journals, he came across a little-known tip. He discovered that white noise and gentle vibrations can have a calming effect on babies. He then turned straight to Google to see if there were any baby products that combined these effects in order to help babies sleep.

He couldn’t find anything, and so Suuthe was born.


Where we are now...

Since then, we’ve been on a mission to help other parents take charge of naptime by designing and creating the Suuthe SmartMat, a product that helps babies rest with calming sounds and vibrations.

Baby sleep aid white noise

We spent years in the R&D phase to truly understand how to make the SmartMat as good as it could possibly be, and worked exclusively with highly talented, UK-based designers and engineers to ensure a premium quality product.

Having been on that journey we can safely say that we’re incredibly proud of the SmartMat and we hope you’ll love it too.

baby sleep aid white noise

Our ethos centres around the term 'Happy Baby = Happy Parent' - we think of it as a virtuous cycle and hope that our SmartMat will help you find equilibrium in that cycle.